Create "viral" social media marketing campaigns!

Simple way to promote your Facebook page. Get FREE Facebook page likes or collect new e-mail subscribers on your website with Testronaut page app widget! Add one of our many quizzes to your Facebook page or Website.
Step 1. Pick test
  1. Pick one of our tests.
  2. If you have skills, create your own!
Step 2. Add to your page
  1. Find < /> Embed button below test.
  2. Choose wisely.
  3. Add app to your Page.
Step 3. Share
  1. Once the test is on your Facebook page.
  2. You will see new TAB on your Facebook page.
  3. Share instructions are in the < /> Embed section below test.
Step 4. Profit
Everyone sharing their results will be sharing your page tab link.

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