What famous historical person are you?

Would you say you are a proud leader or a dreaming poet? What famous historical person are you? Start this fun personality test and find out!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. My favorite food is...?

1. All well made and well served is my favorite
2. Grapes
3. Anything in style
4. Wine
5. Beer

2. What language do you think is cool?

1. Something exotic
2. Italian
3. Something melodic, maybe Spanish
4. Latin
5. English is good enough for me

3. Who is your pet?

1. A cat
2. A horse
3. A singing bird
4. All creatures should live free
5. A clownfish

4. Okay so how is this quiz so far?

1. It is wonderful!
2. I have more important things to do!
3. I feel quite fulfilled
4. Too light for my taste
5. You kidding me?

5. You see someone in pain from a fight, you react how?

1. Oh my! Help that poor man. What good is he if he can't admire me?
2. Let the games begin. More violence!!
3. Peace on Earth. Let's all just listen to music.
4. Thee not compared to the pain to come.
5. Hahaha that is funny. I can make a joke out of that.

6. Your look mostly is...

1. Gold jewelry
2. Comfortable but classy
3. A glittery dress
4. Something simple and regular
5. Formal attire

7. Which place are you most attracted to?

1. The Egypt pyramids
2. Europe
3. A stage
4. The paranormal dimension
5. A night club

8. What is your favorite color?

1. Gold
2. Marble
3. Black
4. Red
5. Blue

9. Which of the following would you most likely be doing?

1. Seducing men to get what you want
2. Ruling the school
3. Singing in the shower
4. Writing a horror story
5. Making people laugh


Most #1. answers: Exotic Egypt empress who lived on 51-30 BC. She was not a typical Egyptian, but rather controversial. On one side she was smart, educated and beautiful, on the other hand, she ignored the rules of her time by giving birth to a child who was not with her husband and that man was already married. It seemed that Cleopatra didn't care about that and carried on the way she wanted to. All in all, she was a great empress of Egypt, a courageous woman who made her will come true at any means necessary.
Most #2. answers: A great Roman Emperor. But he was more than that. Caesar was also an architect and one of the best speechman in the world. It is no doubt he left an impression of a very ambitious man who enjoyed his victories fully.
Most #3. answers: Oe of the most beloved actresses who was born in 1926 at Los Angeles. At that time she did not have her stage name yet and was called Norma Jean Mortenson. Thanks to her good looks she managed to impress many big movie directors. Her success hit the top in 1953 when she was seen in the movies "Niagara" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". It took her just to show herself on the big screen and overnight she was everything: pop icon, sex symbol and a woman of the century.
Most #4. answers: English biggest poet and a writer who was born in 1564. He is one of the most famous poets in the whole world. He published 154 sonnets and more than 30 plays which can be categorized to: comedies, tragedies and historical dramas. One of the main themes of his sonnets was discussion about how everything dies around us but the beauty remains. Unfortunately his personal life and being will always be a mystery since not much is known about that.
Most #5. answers: Movie world's genius and one of the brightest stars who was born in 1889. His first time on the stage was already at five years old when he had to replace her mother. Only three years later he travelled around America playing in the musical "The Eight Lancaster Lads". After that he played in many movies in which he always tried to pass on a serious message hidden behind laughter and sometimes behind the bizarre.