Are you an emo?

Do you wear tight clothes, dark eyeshadow and dark hair? Or maybe you are too emotional and sensitive? The test will give you an answer if you are an emo from the inside or outside.

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. Does your life suck?

1. Sometimes yes
2. Not really

2. Do you like punk music with sad and touchy lyrics?

1. Yes
2. I listen to all kinds of music

3. Do you like wearing a scarf or other accessories?

1. Yes
2. No

4. Do you think life is a pain?

1. Yes, sometimes
2. Not at all

5. Do you like wearing tight clothes?

1. Of course
2. Not really

6. Are you sensitive?

1. Very much
2. A little

7. You love...

1. Darker colors
2. Brighter colors

8. How often do you cry?

1. Very often
2. Rarely

9. How many friends do you have?

1. Very few
2. Many

10. How often do you feel depressed?

1. Most of the times
2. Sometimes

11. Do you have black hair with long bangs falling over your forehead and eyes?

1. Yes
2. No


Most #1. answers: Probably you know it already and just needed a confirmation, but there is no doubt that you are 100% emo. You differ from your views on life and by the way you look. You are often too emotional and sensitive, which is normal for your romantical and melanholic side. Just don't give too much power to the self-destructive part of you.
Most #2. answers: You may wear tight clothes, color your eyes and hair all dark, but there is not a bit of emo in you. We all are sensitive at times, but that does not make us emos. Well, anyway, just keep it cool as you have done it by now.