Which Desperate housewife are you?

Are you a super hyper active Lynette, superdiva Gabrielle, overly friendly Susan or all calm Bree? Complete the test, share with friends and compare Your results.

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. What is the thing you'd do with most pleasure at this moment?

1. I could use a relaxing vacation
2. Shopping
3. Some nice cooking
4. Have good time with friends

2. Favorite movie?

1. I don’t have time for movies
2. Some cool comedy
3. A ballet
4. Something from Walt Disney

3. If I could launch my dream business, it would bee a:

1. Cozy family restaurant
2. Funky little boutique
3. Chic catering company
4. Bookstore and coffee shop

4. Your kids are:

1. Holy terrors, if the truth be told
2. No kids for me, thanks very much!
3. Beautifully behaved and polite to a fault
4. Happy and healthy

5. How do you deal with it when your teenage daughter is seeing a boy you don't approve of?

1. Wait for her to grow out of her bad boy phase
2. Ground her until she comes to her senses
3. Bribe her with a new car
4. Tail her, if necessary, to make sure they don't meet

6. How do you make a big presentation at work?

1. Emphasize the bottom line
2. Hire an actor to deliver it for you
3. Make an impassioned speech
4. Use a lot of pie charts and graphics

7. Some embarrassing photos of yo have been leaked. Do you:

1. Grin and bear it
2. Sic your burly best friend on the photographer
3. Pay off the source
4. Vehemently insist they are fakes

8. You borrow a friend's designer dress and accidetally ruin it! Do you:

1. Apologize and offer to replace it
2. Explain what happened, shrug and say, "That's life."
3. Offer to make it up to them in some other way
4. Fib and say the drycleaner lost it

9. How are your money-management skills?

1. My family and I get by
2. I dread those credit card statements every month
3. Terrific, friends always ask me for advice
4. I pay a professional for that!

10. If someone insults you or a family memer, you:

1. Brush it off, it's only words
2. Confront them immediately
3. Snub that person but never tell them why
4. Come up with an elaborate revenge scheme


Most #1. answers: You are Lynette. Heaven help anyone who crosses you or a loved one: You'll come roaring to the rescue, maybe even if it turns out, no one needed to be rescued after all. It's easier to ask for forgiveness then permission, after all. Your family comes first with you, but even they live a little in fear of your sudden wrath. Lean to relax, let it go and that you're not the only one who can get things done. Although it rally does seem that way, doesn't it?
Most #2. answers: You are Gabrielle. You love being the centre of attention and who can blame you? Life was meant to be lived and you believe in grabbing it by the reins and not letting go. If other people take offense, you know it's just because they don't have the guts to go after what they really want. Wouldn't life be so much simpler if people were just honest with themselves?
Most #3. answers: You are Bree. You're the one everyone turns to when they need something: You're capable, calm, cool and collected and you always have everything running like clockwork. Inside, you might be a bit of a mess but no one need ever know! You're always there to smooth over even the gravest difficulty and make it all look effortless. Your only roadblock, really, is other people who just can't see that you know best.
Most #4. answers: You are Susan. You believe in living in the moment, from impulse to impulse. Some of those sudden whims make you the fun, spontaneous, creative person you are. But then again, you're often left explaining just how you jumped to the wrong conclusion, again. Sometimes planning is your friend. But on the other hand, why not leave that kind of thing to the people who are good at it?