What tree are You?

There's a tremendous amount of different trees in the world, each with their own wooden personalities. Take the test and find out what tree are You!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. You’re walking alone on a rainy evening. You’re approached by a young woman in panic, who has just been attacked. What do you do?

1. Use your mobile to call for help
2. Try to keep away the evil with positive energy
3. Give the woman your coat so she wouldn’t freeze
4. Hide the woman in the first place possible and go after the attacker

2. Which of these would you prefer seeing in front of your legs?


3. Which is your favorite season?

1. Summer
2. Fall
3. Winter
4. Spring

4. How would your perfect vacation be like?

1. Sunny beach
2. A long meditation
3. Peace, quiet and darkness
4. Daylight and greenness

5. Pick a mushroom You like most!


6. What kind of furniture do you prefer?

1. Simple
2. With beautiful carvings
3. Strong and durable
4. Bright and happy

7. Where do you usually face trees?

1. When I’m carving something
2. Collecting or buying herbs for tea
3. Only when I need a Christmas tree
4. When I’m making a broom

8. How often do you watch TV?

1. Only the shows that are really interesting for me
2. Not at all because it’s dangerous
3. Very often
4. Very rarely, there’s so many exciting things to do instead

9. Pick a bird You like most!


10. Which music do you prefer for dancing?

1. Folk
2. Shaman drums
3. Awesome rock concert
4. Crazy disco


Most #1. answers: You're a person who likes cleanliness, warmness and safety around themselves. When you're trying out something new you're first question is always "is it safe?" You're known as a warm and reliable person. In difficult situations you always find the best solution and you act fast and self-confident. You love everything that gives warmth - the sun, the fireplace and another living beings touch.
Most #2. answers: You're an interesting and crazy person. Other people might say that you're too twisted, but they never mean it in a bad way. They're jealous that even in the evil world we’re in today you're capable of believing in fairies, clairvoyants, positive energy, self-healing and herbal teas. And you're not afraid to say that out loud! Besides, they often have to admit that your good thoughts and belief are indeed capable of miracles. You deserve everything good!
Most #3. answers: You can be solid as a rock and also a bit crazy. Your friends love you a lot, because you're always there for them and protect them from rain, snow and evil people. As you're really responsible and you're constantly working on other people's souls, you sometimes need some time off. At those times you get a little crazy and you either stay home alone, or go head banging to an awesome concert. As long as you can think of something else and be with yourself for a while!
Most #4. answers: You're fun and refreshing, just as a summer breeze! A good mood is always guaranteed when you're around! You know how to laugh and how to make good jokes. You're always doing something and your hobbies change so many times that you're friends never know that you're up to now. At one spring you're in the woods with a chainsaw, at the next you're growing potted plants, or raging on a snowboard. You’re in the mind that life is short and you should use it in the fullest. Nevertheless, a short vacation is still good from time to time!