What berry are you?

Strawberries contain more Vitamin C than orange. Blackberries are full of fibers. Take this fun personality test and find out what berry are you!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. How do you react when someone insults you?

1. Nobody insults me.
2. I take offense for a moment, but forget it soon.
3. I will start laughing or do something weird.
4. I will not let anybody treat me badly.
5. Payback is a bitch and they will regret it!
6. Our friendship is over.

2. How would you describe yourself?

1. Smiling.
2. Friendly.
3. Original.
4. Brave.
5. Sociable.
6. Steady.

3. You are in love, but the other person does not know that. How do you get noticed?

1. I think that goes without saying. I do not have to bend over backwards.
2. I will wear something nice and casually stand near the person.
3. I will make a plan how to bring us together.
4. I simply go, talk and flirt with the person.
5. I invite him/her to an event and we will see what happens next.
6. I find out what he/she likes and try to get noticed with my knowledge.

4. Which color do you like?


5. Which one of these you are definitely NOT?

1. Whiny.
2. Unfriendly.
3. Ordinary.
4. Frightened.
5. Loner.
6. Hyperactive.

6. But sometimes you are...

1. Devious.
2. Naive.
3. Odd.
4. Mean.
5. Restless.
6. Shy.

7. What is your home like?

1. Nice and clean.
2. Hospitable and cozy.
3. Original and lovely.
4. Usual!
5. Chaotic.
6. Humble, but neat.

8. You will see nice shirt and it fits you perfectly. There are six colors available. Which color you probably will choose?


9. Do you like to solving these tests?

1. Yes. I think they are cute.
2. Yes. They are ideal for fast entertainment.
3. Some of them more than the others.
4. Not really. I do not know why I solve them.
5. Yes, especially comparing the results with my friends.
6. Yes, they are quite fun and I learn new things about myself.


Most #1. answers: You are like a strawberry, which is the best berry in the summer! Who doesnt love those delicious red berries? You are very popular because of your great look, nice personality and smiling face. People really want to be around you! The only sad thing is that some persons are allergic to you. It means that you can be flattering and tempting as well as devious.
Most #2. answers: You are just like the Raspberry! Your motto is that life is too short to mope around and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (of course before the season is over). That is why you dont bother to take everything so seriously. Why raspberry is so good? Because it just is! You are friendly and kind-hearted and that is why being with you is good and easy.
Most #3. answers: You are like a blueberry! You can be sweet and sour at the same time. One thing is sure, you are original and brave enough to be special and appreciate it. Your friends love your little peculiarities meanwhile others dont understand you at all. The person who wants to taste blueberry jam knows that there is no escape from blue face. But lets be honest, the taste is so worth it!
Most #4. answers: You are like a cranberry! You have a strong personality and you know what you want in life. You are brave enough to express your opinion in a loud voice and that is why some people reckon you as dominating person. Truth to be told you are bold and strict. If you do not like something you may sting, but never without reason!
Most #5. answers: You are like a grape! You are quite restless and dont like to be in one place for a long time. You are very sociable and you would like to have many colorful friends. It means that you do not tolerate being alone. You have mood swings. You can be purple (angry) or white (neutral); it depends on your mood.
Most #6. answers: You are like a cherry! It is hard to become friends with you, but if someone manages to do that, the person doesnt regret it because you are a really good friend! You are rather modest and enjoy being alone. You prefer having two or three true friends rather than many fake ones. You appreciate wisdom and intelligence.