What is your real age?

It is believed that we have a soul and that the age of soul defines our pesonality. Take this fun personality test and find out what is your real age!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. Which of these sentences would describe your childhood the best?

1. My childhood was the best time ever. I still like the same things what I liked then.
2. I used to be the leader of my gang and popular among the others.
3. I got along very well with the others and felt myself fine.
4. I was a little bit different - calmer and thoughtful than the other kids.

2. What is the most important to you?

1. Positive outlook on life and joy.
2. My dreams coming true.
3. Love.
4. Life lessons and experience.

3. Do you sometimes visit a library?

1. Not really. I think they are boring.
2. Yes, if I have the purpose, for example study.
3. Yes, sometimes if I get interested in some book.
4. I visit it a lot and I love it.

4. Have you ever foreseen or predict something?

1. No, never.
2. No, but I really want to be able to do that.
3. Yes and sometimes it has come true.
4. Yes, I am pretty sensitive about these things.

5. Are you afraid of aging?

1. I do not even think about it.
2. Yes.
3. A little, but generally I get used to with any age quite well.
4. Actually I really like to get older and smarter.

6. Are you thinking about material well-being?

1. No, I do not think about at all.
2. I think about it all the time and act continuously in order to get something new and better.
3. If I have everything essential I feel fine.
4. I think that spiritual well-being, knowledge and experience are more important than material well-being.

7. Do you like to play with children?

1. Yes, I think it is the best activity ever!
2. I do not know. Usually I have not neither the time nor the will.
3. Yes, sometimes it is fun. But everything has its own time and place.
4. No, not really. I like to spend my time with children quietly and teach them something useful.

8. What do you think about working?

1. It is a boring and forced activity.
2. Career, continuous progress and new goals are important for me.
3. I will like it when it is interesting and motivating.
4. I am happy when working gives me spiritual satisfaction.

9. What do your friends think about you?

1. That I am optimistic and full of fun and energy.
2. That I am hardworking, ambitious and energetic.
3. That I am friendly, carefree and nice.
4. That I am smart, steady and interesting.

10. How do you complete tasks?

1. I am always a little bit confused. I cannot manage to bring them to an end every single time.
2. I am always doing one thing at a time, but I will do it properly.
3. I am acting cleverly. I know something about everything.
4. I am acting creatively and passionately.


Most #1. answers: We do not know how old you are, but your behavior and soul are young for your years. You are curious and full of fun like a happy puppy. You have as much energy as small children and truth to be told you really like to be with children. They really want you to be around because you understand their world and you know how to identify with them. You are optimistic and brave and full of tricks. Some mean (actually jealous) people may talk about you that you never grow up or how childish you are. Do not listen to them because your kind of people makes life more colorful and exciting!
Most #2. answers: It does not matter what is your real age, what matters is that your soul is young. You are restless doer, very hardworking and very ambitious person. You are always looking for something better and continuously setting new goals for yourself. Material welfare is very important for you. The years are passing by and your body is aging, but your eagerness does not fade away. You always keep going and do not know how to relax or just sit quietly. Those, who are young souls, may achieve a lot in a life, but then there is a quite big danger to burn out. Sometimes it is very important to sit back and take your time!
Most #3. answers: For you, age is only a number! Whatever your age is you always feel that you are in the prime of life! Your body, soul and behavior match perfectly with your calendar age. You are not either younger or older. You are characterized by a great adaptability almost in every situation. You accept the fact that a person gets older with every year. You take new roles very easily and you do not cry when you notice a little wrinkle or other sign which shows that time is merciless.
Most #4. answers: You probably have felt yourself more mature and wise than your contemporaries. You like to be friends with people who are older than you because you think that they have reasonable thinking and it is interesting to talk with them. You prefer activities that are calm, reasonable and balanced. Clubbing and hanging around is definitely not your cup of tea. You truly appreciate spiritual values and you know how to be happy about little things. On the other hand, it is OK to fool around sometimes, especially when you are young. Do not forget to enjoy your youth while it lasts!