What natural disaster are you?

Natural disasters come in many forms like people with their own personalities. Take this fun personality test and find out what natural disaster are you!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. What kind of car would you want?

1. beautiful convertible
2. ice cream truck
3. amphibious vehicle
4. fastest car

2. If you are making a log fire in the woods, what type of extinguisher you keep on hand?

1. sand
2. foam extinguisher
3. water
4. None of them. I am just very careful.

3. What kind of dog do you want?

1. Chihuahua
2. St. Bernard
3. Golden retriever
4. Yorkshire terrier

4. What kind of snow you like the best?

1. I do not like snow at all!
2. Light downfall that comes down like thick curtain of snow.
3. Snow-broth, which can be turned into a snowman or have a snowball fight.
4. Fluffy and thick mantle of snow where I can put some lighted candles.

5. What kind of sweet you would choose?

1. sweet popcorn
2. peppermint cream
3. sour caramels
4. hot chocolate

6. What type of hiking you would like to organize?

1. mountain walking
2. ski trip
3. canoeing
4. motorcycle trip

7. You are working busily every day, but suddenly your boss is accusing you for being lazy and careless. How do you react?

1. Deep down I am angry, but I am trying to put a good face on it.
2. My boss insulted me! From now on I behave coldly and formally toward boss.
3. I am starting to cry in public.
4. Best defense is offence. I am going to ask an explanation.

8. What is your favorite view?

1. summery landscape
2. gently falling snow
3. streaming water
4. living fire

9. Where do you want to travel the most?

1. Japan
2. USA
3. Thailand
4. Australia


Most #1. answers: You have a wonderful self-control. You hide your feelings quite well. Only your closest friends understand when you are scared and when you boil over with rage. If someone really pissing you off the consequences are incredibly destructive. Furthermore, everybody knows that earthquake aftershock can spread out very far from the centre. Hopefully there are not many fools who could aggravate you!
Most #2. answers: In a crisis situation you manage to freeze yourself. You keep your head clear and you know what to do. Probably you are the one who automatically takes control when arriving on the accident scene. You manage to lead the others how to act according to circumstances. If something makes you really mad your coldness change you quite scary and people around you grab warm blankets, thick sweaters and hot tea. The closest around you may even light a log fire.
Most #3. answers: Everything in your life circles around water, more or less. You drink it, you love swimming or you admire fountains. Having a good cry is the most natural way for you to get everything bad out of your body. A bystander may think that this is impossible how one person can have so many tears. If they only knew! Your supplies are connected to a pump house and therefore they are endless.
Most #4. answers: You are the true spirit who mostly keeps everyones good mood up. You love to laugh crazily and do wild things. When something makes you mad you become a life-threatening conflagration. You burst out flames like mythical dragon and leave behind only fuming ruins. For those, who have deserved your disapproval, there are words of wisdom - Do not play with fire!