What kind of animal do you turn into when you get angry?

There’s an animal hidden in every single one of us that only raises its head in intense situations. Which animal arises from you when you get totally pissed off?

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. How do you think you look like when you’re angry?

1. Threatening
2. Others can’t take it seriously
3. People take it really seriously
4. The same as usual
5. Deathly dangerous

2. When do you get angry?

1. When I’m starving
2. When someone tries to tease me
3. When no one listens to me
4. I don’t really get angry
5. Something else

3. How often do you get angry?

1. About once a week
2. When there’s a reason
3. Just once a month, but then I get really angry
4. I don’t know, no one cares when I’m angry anyway
5. Every damn day

4. Which of these do you like the most?


5. What cools you down when you’re upset?

1. Comfort food
2. Some closeness with my significant other
3. A long sleep
4. I do something to stop thinking about it
5. Sometimes I don’t

6. Which one of these sentences do you like the most?

1. I treat others the way they treat me
2. No one can tell me what can I or cannot do
3. You may rule, but you must be fair
4. Life is too short to waste it on negativity
5. I might seem scary on the outside, but my heart is good

7. Pick a quality that suits you best!

1. Cleverness
2. Independency
3. Strength
4. Modesty
5. Restlessness

8. Who or what makes you usually angry?

1. Hunger or someone from my family
2. My significant other
3. Someone stupid
4. I try not to get angry
5. There are sooo many things ...

9. What’s your secret sin?

1. Smoking
2. Over eating
3. Something else
4. I don’t have one
5. Alcohol


Most #1. answers: When you get angry then a teeth showing wolf jumps right out from you. You believe in the principle that everyone deserves to be treated as they treat you. Overall, your personality is pretty similar to a wolf – you’re more intelligent than most people (just like a wolf is smarter than a dog), the people around you, your family and their principles and rules are very important to you.
Most #2. answers: When you get angry, a really angry kitten arises from you. You turn from a beautiful and sweet creature to a small teeth showing and nail scratching miniature tiger. That is not a pretty sight, but luckily no one takes your anger seriously anyway. How much harm could a cat do, other than scratching and biting? In a lot of other ways you are similar to a cat also – you’re beautiful and sweet, but proud and independent. You never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.
Most #3. answers: There’s a lion hidden in you! The King of the Jungle is a strong and confident. He doesn’t get angry often, but when he does, he does is well. No one wants to get on his way then. Same goes to you – you don’t get angry often, most of the time you’re strong and peaceful and even in critical situations, you know how to keep your cool. Something really extreme must happen to get you properly pissed off. And then the coincidences are horrible...
Most #4. answers: It seems that when you get angry then a small mouse crawls out of you. This means that even when you might feel angry, the people around you don’t have any clue of that. So they can’t take it seriously. Being angry is simply not your thing! And most of the time, you don’t even get angry. This is actually a really good quality, why would you want to waste your life on such an exhausting feeling like anger, or evil? You know there’s a better way to solve your problems.
Most #5. answers: There’s a shark hidden in you! This means that you walk around with an angry face quite often. You want others to clearly understand that you’re not someone to play with it. And if someone is stupid enough to try, they will go down. For some reason, people still want to disturb your life and keep pissing you off. Even though you seem to be a threatening from the outside, there’s actually a normal person hidden in the inside.