What kind of sweet are you?

Life is like a candy box which contains all sorts of sweets. Which one of them do you resemble the most? Test yourself and find out!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. Which one of these words catch your eyes right away? Do not think too long!

1. Fresh
2. Tempting
3. Homelike
4. Colorful
5. Lovely

2. You have to hang wallpaper in your home. Which kind of wallpaper you probably will choose?

1. Something entirely fresh and special.
2. I like beautiful patterns.
3. Something cosy and pleasing.
4. Probably something colorful or even several different ones.
5. Something simple, but yet beautiful monochromatic.

3. Which kinds of people you just do not fit in?

1. Those who cannot change and do not keep abreast of the times.
2. Boring people.
3. Nervous people.
4. Boring and uninteresting people.
5. Too energetic whipper-snappers.

4. How would you make new friends in a gathering?

1. I would circle around and chat with almost everyone.
2. Often people come to me first.
3. I would help host and praise his/her home.
4. I would be funny and smiling and all go with a swing.
5. At first I would keep in the background and watch the others.

5. Which kind of scent you like?

1. Fresh and modern.
2. Venturous and tempting.
3. Natural.
4. Varied and plentiful.
5. Moderate, even discreet.

6. Which kind of clothes you prefer?

1. Fashionable. I am always interested in latest fashion trends.
2. The ones which place emphasis on my best appearance.
3. I prefer comfortable clothes.
4. I like colorful clothes.
5. Classic and solid ones.

7. Which of these following statements you like most?

1. Let sleeping dogs lie!
2. Temptations are not always bad.
3. My home is my castle.
4. Laughter is the best medicine!
5. Still waters run deep.

8. Which kind of job would you prefer?

1. A job that is varied and challenging.
2. A job where I get noticed and respect.
3. I would like to work at home and plan my own time.
4. A job should be diverse and should also allow plentiful communication.
5. I would like relaxed work environment and smart colleagues.

9. Do you eat candy?

1. Not so often. But I like bubble gum.
2. I try to avoid it, but I cannot resist really good ones.
3. Yes, sometimes.
4. Yes. I am hopeless sweet tooth.
5. Rarely. I am not a big fan.


Most #1. answers: You are very flexible and mobile person. You are characterized by freshness and novelty! You let sleeping dogs lie and let bygones be bygones. Your friends enjoy being with you because if something is going wrong you know how to make everything better again. Sometimes you can be sticky, but mostly you are sweet and fresh! You make a good match to a person that loves gummy candy because you are similar and two of you know how to have a good time!
Most #2. answers: You are like tempting chocolate candy. It is impossible to say no to you because of your self-confidence and passion. You like being in the center of attention and you know how to get in there. You know how to make a good first impression, but sometimes you can be a little bitter. What is the thing that goes together perfectly with a chocolate? The answer is of course sweet caramel. Your best friend would be caramel because two of you make a perfect team. Perhaps your best friend would get the result that he/she is caramel!
Most #3. answers: You resemble to a caramel! You are well-balanced and warm-hearted person. You like naturality and rusticness. You enjoy cosiness, security and spending time with your family. On the other hand, you sometimes need alternation. For example, being with a good friend, who is jazzy and energetic. With him/her you feel so good that you could even melt! It is needless to say it would be a chocolate candy! Perhaps your best friend would be like chocolate candy?
Most #4. answers: You are truly plentiful and colorful! You have it all - colors, sourness and sweetness. Mostly you are outspoken and other people like you very much. You are very brave and that is why you are easily remembered. People like your company because you offer them plenty of thrills. You would be a perfect match to a bubble gum because You are exactly alike. You would understand each other very well.
Most #5. answers: You are simple and natural and at the same time very lovely person! People's first impression of you is that you are shy, but your true friends know that you are actually a very cool person. You do not like to be in the center of attention. You prefer to talk to the people who are foremost intelligent and smart.