What animal are you?

Which animal are you at heart and which characteristics describe you the best? Would You live in a tree, in a forest, indoors or in the attic? Answer these 10 questions and find out what animal are you.

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. Where are you usually at a party?

2. Dancing whenever I possibly can.
3. Trying to seduce a hottie.
4. On your own, watching other people.
6. Talking to people and finding out the latest gossip.
7. You're with your closest friends, watching others.

2. How do you act when you've been offended?

1. This thing has to be settled right now no matter what.
2. Leave with embarrassment.
3. Don't mind it and keep on doing your own stuff.
5. Heh, why would anyone offend me?

3. When is your birthday?

1. Spring
3. Summer
4. Winter
5. Autumn

4. A stranger greets you on the street, says hello and compliments your outfit. What do you make of it?

4. He might have mistaken me for someone else.
5. That's so cool, I should say something nice back!
6. You think that you should wear that outfit more often.
7. You think he is a little weird.

5. Do you like nature TV-shows?

2. Depending on the subject.
3. Yes, a lot.
6. Depending on how well they're made.
7. No, they are boring.

6. Imagine for a second that there had just been an earthquake. What do you do?

1. You don't let it bother you.
2. You'll give that earthquake a taste of its own medicine.
3. You check to see if you can help anyone.
4. You hide.
7. You run away fast and far.

7. What do you do when a dirty homeless person asks you for money on the street?

4. You give him some change you have in pockets.
5. You give him as much as you can because he probably needs it more than you.
6. Dirty people are scary and creepy - you get away fast.
7. You tell him to give you money instead because you don't have any yourself.

8. You are offered an adult pet from the pound.

1. You don't want a pet.
2. You'd prefer a young animal, so you'd be its first owner.
3. If you were looking for a pet it wouldn't matter if it was young or old.
7. No, you wouldn't have a place to keep it anyway.

9. How often do you get told that you are pretty/handsome?

1. A few times a year.
4. Every week.
5. Once a year or less.
6. Every month.

10. A magician is performing a card trick on the street, what do you do?

1. You observe it carefully and try to understand the trick.
2. You'll go check it out for sure, tricks are so cool.
5. You observe other peoples' facial expressions.
6. You think that you've probably seen this before and keep on moving.


Most #1. answers: There's no doubt that you are an honest, sincere and loyal person. That's exactly why so many people want to be friends with you. You are popular, happy, keep your feet on the ground and you never get into fights. You have a good fashion sense and you love everything what's "in" at the moment.
Most #2. answers: You're always ready to get into trouble and that devilish look in your eyes is exactly what makes you so attractive and cute to other people. Another reason for that is that it is always nice and fun to hang out with you, but occasionally you tend to get too emotional and should choose your words more carefully.
Most #3. answers: You are a peace-loving person, although judging by the name of the animal you wouldn't really say that. You thrive in situations where you have to avoid violence. You can't sit still in one place and that's why you love to move around a lot. You are a natural-born leader and love to be loved. But be careful because sometimes people will try to use you with flattery.
Most #4. answers: You are very loved, passionate and sometimes shy. You enjoy spending some time alone in peace and quiet but then again you like discovering new things as well. Usually you are very peaceful, but you also know how to be very straightforward and harsh. Fashion is something that you follow and why other people admire you. Although you feel comfortable with new people, you still choose your friends carefully.
Most #5. answers: You are very vain, impatient and love to be the centre of attention. You want to get things done as fast as possible and you are very good with your money. Your careful nature forces you to avoid complicated situations that could upset you easily.
Most #6. answers: You are a kind and nice person. Your kind nature won't let you be vengeful and due to that you are equally nice to everyone. That is also one of the reasons why you are so loved and cared for. You never gossip. People love the way you treat them - you keep on giving without expecting anything back.
Most #7. answers: You are mysterious and sometimes even a little mean, but you can withstand any strain with ease. You'd like it if everything revolved around you, but unfortunately that is not possible. Selfish wishes and gossiping about others makes you lose friends quite often. But those precious moments when you are nice and helpful are appreciated very much by your actual friends.