Are you lucky?

Are you a lucky one with whom good things just keep happening? Or everything just keeps going wrong? Go through these ten questions and find out!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. How often do you pick up an illness?

1. Almost never. I have a surprisingly good health
2. A few times a year, unfortunately
3. Well, just sometimes, but I can treat it
4. I fall ill quite often

2. Have you ever seen a four-leafed clover?

1. Yes
2. No, but I'd really want to
3. No, and I'm pretty sure I won't
4. Do they even exist?

3. Have you ever won with a lottery?

1. Yes, quite a few times
2. Sometimes I win, but nothing mentionable
3. I do not even play lottery
4. I rarely ever win (or not at all)

4. When was the last time something went a bit wrong?

1. I cannot recall, I think a long time ago
2. A couple of days ago
3. Nothing really happens to me, either good or bad
4. Today

5. You play cards with friends. How does it usually turn out for you?

1. I win almost all the games!
2. I win quite a few games
3. I lose a lot
4. I lose almost all the games

6. A black cat is running across the road. What comes to your mind?

1. Wow, what a beautiful black cat
2. Oh well then, I guess there goes my luck...
3. I don't even notice the cat
4. Going to be on guard for the rest of the day in case something goes wrong

7. You pay your regular visit to the dentist. What news do you usually get from there?

1. That everything is in order and I have a beautiful white smile
2. I have no idea. It's possible I have a hole or two
3. I think about these things only when I'm there
4. I need to pull out a tooth or something else horrible

8. You are planning a perfect dinner for your loved one. How does it usually turn out?

1. All goes as planned and a great night is guaranteed
2. Some little things may happen but nothing that would ruin the evening
3. It turns out ok but my expectations have always been high
4. All that can go wrong, will go wrong. I cannot make any plans!

9. You have an important exam tomorrow but you are not prepared at all. What is likely to happen?

1. Either I accidentally get a hold on the answers or I'll get the easy questions
2. I must know something that would be enough for me to pass the exam
3. I never NOT study for an important exam. However, if such thing would happen, I'd just not show up for the exam.
4. Probably I wouldn't know answers to any questions. I always get the hardest questions.

10. Pick one answer. Just trust your instincts!

1. - - - - - - -
2. - - - - - - -
3. - - - - - - -
4. - - - - - - -


Most #1. answers: You are being known as a real annoyance (in a good way) who always gets lucky. You try out a lottery and boom! you win, even if something small. Playing cards with friends? No problem, the good cards keep favoring you. Even just laying on a field you cannot help but finding a four-leafed clover. Just ask anyone and they can name you couple of things that you got lucky just in the past week. The funny thing is that you don't even try; the luck just comes to you! Something worth being jealous of!
Most #2. answers: You have just as much luck as an average person should have. Sometimes you get lucky, but being unlucky is no stranger either. It's all about timing - at times all you do is accompanied with luck and at times there's just nothing. No lottery win, no four-leafed clover, you fall ill and the cat pees on the bed. Then it passes and the good stuff starts happening again.
Most #3. answers: It's hard to say anything about you but you sure haven't been blessed with luck (though the situation is not completely hopeless) and yet, misfortune is not visiting either. Your life is safe and peaceful - everything is at its place and right on track. No bigger fortune or misfortune. Maybe you just aren't giving any chance for the luck to come? Maybe you should step down from the safe track and risk with something - push the luck? Then you'd see if you are as unlucky as you think or you'll surprise and find something that you have been missing from your life.
Most #4. answers: Poor you! Things just aren't going right. And like that is not enough (no lottery win or such), you are accompanied by actual misfortune! It's like a daily rule that at least one thing has to go wrong. You pick up every possible virus and are able to get electrocuted even by a pizza. Things just keep happening - stumbles and spills all over the place, sandwich falling on the ground, phone dropping in the toilet and so on. Are you sure you are not cursed? In any case, keep pushing through and show who's the boss!