What sin are you?

Religions often talk about sinning and the seven deadly sins, which determine the quality of your afterlife. Could you live without a single tiny sin? Take the test and find out what your sin is!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. What kind of partner do you dream about?

1. They should be insanely rich.
2. A nice, calm poet would do me just fine.
3. They should be very handsome.
4. I fancy my friend's other half.
5. They should be just like me.
6. They should be a passionate rock star.
7. They should be able to cook well.

2. How would you describe your clothes?

1. Well-known brands and quality.
2. Simple and comfortable.
3. Audaciously sexy.
4. I don't know exactly, but better than my friends' clothes.
5. Perfectly matching.
6. Dark.
7. Slightly baggy.

3. What do you think about most often?

1. What I'd do if I had a lot of money.
2. I dream about lying on the beach.
3. I fantasise about my dream lover.
4. I imagine being the most popular person in my school.
5. I dream of fame.
6. I think about getting revenge on all the people who have hurt me.
7. I dream of delicious food.

4. What is the most complicated thing when it comes to finding true love?

1. Finding a nice person who also has a good career.
2. Going out all the time and interacting with people.
3. I can only choose one.
4. My insecurity and jealousy.
5. There's nothing complicated about it.
6. Constantly meeting idiots brings you down.
7. Fear of suffering caused by break-ups.

5. What would you do if a shop assistant gave you back a lot more change than they should?

1. I'd take it, of course!
2. I probably wouldn't even notice.
3. I'd go out in the evening and party with the extra money.
4. I'd give it back, because someone will almost certainly have noticed.
5. I'd give it back and tell them to be more careful in future.
6. I'd give it back, because it's the right thing to do - although I wouldn't want to.
7. I'd go and buy something to eat.

6. What would you most like to do in your free time?

1. Find an extra job.
2. Sleep.
3. Make out with some cuties.
4. Chat with my friends.
5. Try out new outfits or hairstyles.
6. Leave comments online.
7. Prepare delicious food.

7. Imagine you are on a blind date and your date sucks. What do you do?

1. Stay to the end but make them pay for everything.
2. Sink into your thoughts.
3. Wait until the end hoping that something nice will happen.
4. Stay - it's better than being alone.
5. Go somewhere else because you dressed up for the night.
6. Be mean to them and disappointed in the date.
7. Order the most delicious meal so that there's at least something nice about the date.

8. When choosing new clothes in a shop, you think most about...

1. I like it, but the the brand should be visible.
2. Mmm, comfortable, this would be great to lie around in.
3. You think about someone taking it off you.
4. Better than my old rags.
5. Wow, I look great in anything!
6. You think angrily: why aren't clothes made in the right size?
7. You think you shouldn't be buying clothes right after eating.


Most #1. answers: If you are a sin, you are greed. Who wouldn't want to own the most (and the most beautiful) things - not miss out on anything and use every opportunity life has to offer. But just like everything else, greed too can be harmful in great amounts. As long as you can control the greedy little devil in you, you won't need to be afraid of purgatory.
Most #2. answers: You are probably a very caring person and a good friend. You have no problem participating in exciting events when you are invited, but when it comes to doing something yourself, the demon in you starts screaming - it wants to sleep, it is tired, its leg or head hurts, it would love to do all of it, but some other time. For once, try to show this demon who really governs your body!
Most #3. answers: Your pleasant nature and unwavering self-confidence hide a hot and passionate sin. More conservative thinkers would send you to the stake without another word, but luckily we no longer live in the Middle Ages. People have learned a thing or two about themselves. Desire is one of those sins that almost every modern person sees in themselves every once in a while. And what they see has your face on it.
Most #4. answers: Your sin is always on guard and every time someone thinks "New car, new phone, prettier pants..." that little, gorgeous, always perfect worm of envy appears. It never says anything bad to anyone; it does not criticise their choices; it even praises your things and compliments you. But for some reason, after meeting it everyone feels that their decisions and choices so far have been completely wrong.
Most #5. answers: They say patience is a virtue, but is it a special sin to wish to be more than you really are? After all, higher goals are constructive forces. Let your shirt be a little brighter if it helps you be a better person. Some fame wouldn't hurt either - maybe that is what helps complement you and serve as a role model.
Most #6. answers: Your sin is being young and angry within your soul and caring too much. There are no ideas or things you wouldn't object to. Fury gives you strength and inspires you to take action, but be careful so that it doesn't take control of your life. Try to make friends who understand you and know how to speak to you sometimes.
Most #7. answers: Even though you might not admit it and it might not even show it, your sin is eating. You like different tastes and delicious sweets. Can you ever get enough of great flavours - after all, who can say no to them? Besides, hunger makes people angry and you don't like anger. You are always positive and happy, because you have just finished off (or started on) something really delicious.