What color is your aura?

An aura is your personal bio-field that influences your life more than you know. Start this fun personality test and find out what color is your aura!

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. Which of these colours do you like most?

1. Red
2. Yellow
3. Green
4. Blue

2. How would you describe yourself?

1. Passionate and temperamental
2. Joyful and energetic
3. Nature-friendly
4. Calm and deliberative

3. What kind of food would you like most right now?

1. Something spicy
2. Something sweet
3. Some sort of fruit
4. Something home-made and rich

4. Which of these colours do you like least?

1. Blue
2. Green
3. Yellow
4. Red

5. Which of these areas is your strongest?

1. Society
2. Sports
3. Nature
4. Maths

6. If you were to choose a pet it would be...

1. A dragon
2. A dog
3. None - animals belong in nature
4. A cat

7. What would you most like to do in your free time?

1. I'd start a band
2. I'd do sports
3. I'd draw
4. I'd act

8. You get a new classmate, but no one else seems to want to interact with them. You...

1. Get upset with those who avoid them.
2. Accept them as your deskmate and show them around.
3. Invite them out with you and your friends.
4. Sit next to them and say hello.

9. Which season were you born in?

1. Winter
2. Summer
3. Autumn
4. Spring

10. Which instrument would you most like to be able to play?

1. Guitar
2. Drums
3. Saxophone
4. Piano


Most #1. answers: You are very passionate about the things you care about and you love challenges. Although your moods get out of control sometimes, you are still a spicy character. Your best friend would be someone with a blue aura. Only a blue person can control you when necessary and calm you down a little.
Most #2. answers: You are highly cheerful and very sociable. You are not afraid to make new acquaintances and you even search for them every chance you get. Your best friend would be someone with a green aura, who could support you when you are feeling swamped by the burden of relationships.
Most #3. answers: You like all things natural - you are very creative and close to nature, you like adventures and exploration. You are most compatible with people with yellow auras. Yellow people introduce you to new people and help keep your mood elevated.
Most #4. answers: You are a very calm and analytical person. You are smart and an excellent leader who can survive the most stressful situations. You are somewhat shy and therefore tend to stay around people with red auras. The reds can help you spend your time in a more fun way, make new acquaintances and demonstrate your best traits.