Which dog are you?

Answer 9 simple questions and find out which dog you relate to the most.

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. Do you have any pets?

1. A cat
2. My pet isn't mentioned here
3. A rat
4. A dog

2. Do you live in an apartment or a house?

1. I have my own room
2. In a house
3. Where ever I happen to be
4. In an apartment

3. When traveling, would you leave your dog at a dog hotel?

1. Yes
2. No
3. Only if I don't have a choice
4. I'd rather let a friend take care of my pet while I'm gone

4. How often do dogs need to be massaged?

1. Dogs don't need massages
2. Once a week
3. Once a month
4. Once a year
5. I don't know

5. Would you let your dog get a massage?

1. Yes
2. If anyone's getting one, it's going to be my dog massaging me
3. No
4. I know how to massage my pet myself

6. What kind of a dog would you like to be?

1. Small and cute
2. Honest and loyal
3. Big and strong
4. Smart and helpful

7. If you were a dog, what would your coat be like?

1. Curly
2. Long-haired
3. Short-haired
4. White or black

8. How do you like to get around?

1. Mostly by foot - either by walking or running
2. By car
3. I use public transport
4. I don't need to move around all the time

9. Which of the following words describes you the best?

1. Jokester
2. Friendly
3. Confident
4. Smart


Most #1. answers: West Highland terriers are sporty, active and playful. They are fast and temperamental. They also love to be the centre of attention and are good with families with kids. But they are very energetic and need walks and to be played with. Not enough exercise might make the Westie bark out of boredom, dig or chew things. The Westie has a long life expectancy and will be your friend for many years.
Most #2. answers: The St. Bernard is 90 kilos worth of kindness and love. He is the perfect family dog. But the St. Bernard will never be a true gentleman or lady - they have an uncontrollable salivary flow and snore with a loud bass sound. This warm-hearted giant of a dog is exactly what you need to deter loneliness on these long and dark winter nights. St. Bernards will fill your days with happiness and warmth and will make your evenings in front of the fireplace even cosier and sweeter with its lovable snoring.
Most #3. answers: The Bullmastiff is a little slow due to his big size, has a calm presence and probably will spend its free time sleeping. They are kind-hearted and friendly. But that is what Bullmastiffs are like when nothing is threatening their family. When this dog discovers something that might be a threat to its family, the Bullmastiff will become alert and fearless and will confidently and loyally protect its family. When coming face to face with an intruder, this dog will follow its instincts and capture and hold down the intruder. The Bullmastiff has a strong appearance.
Most #4. answers: The Labrador Retriever is exceptionally friendly, intelligent, smart and obedient. They have a kind nature, without any signs of aggression or shyness. They are very easy to train due to their wish to please people. They are also very voracious. You can teach them all sorts of tricks or train obedience or agility just by taking advantage of their voracious nature. They love water and swimming a lot and have a great will to work, to search and fetch. However, they are not wonder dogs and need training.