Are you a flirt?

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. Have you ever flirted on a funeral or other place where flirting is considered a bit strange?

1. Yes. It’s never too weird of an event or place to flirt.
2. One time, almost.
3. No

2. Have you ever put on a small flirt on a job interview?

1. Yes and I would do it again.
2. One time
3. No

3. In a bar or cafeteria, have you ever chosen a seat so that the best looking girls or boys would sit near to you?

1. I do that all the time.
2. Has happened.
3. Not really.

4. You are introduced to a very good-looking man/female. Would you take the chance and kiss him/her on the mouth?

1. Surely!
2. Maybe
3. Of course not!

5. Would you flirt just to get a free drink out of it?

1. Yup
2. Depends with whom.
3. No

6. You are invited to a pool party that one of your coworkers is also invited. What would you wear?

1. The sexiest clothes I have.
2. Something polite with bikini underneath.
3. Something modest.

7. You are attending a really cool party and one good-looking guest tells you that upstairs there is a big water bed...

1. You naughtily respond that you are wearing very nice swimming kit underneath that you’d like to try out!
2. Smile and tell that it sounds fun.
3. Change the topic.

8. You are in a company party and your boss’s good looking drunk husband/wife starts to flirt with you. Do you response the same?

1. Of course
2. Maybe. Depends on a situation.
3. Definitely not.

9. Have you ever flirted with someone just for sports?

1. Yes
2. Only if I’m drunk
3. No

10. Have you ever given your phone number to someone you never met before?

1. Yes
2. Happened like one time
3. No


Most #1. answers: You are a true flirt! You'd flirt with anyone, anytime and anywhere. You do it for many reasons - to pump your ego, to get something you want and just for sports. Hopefully you are successful with flirting not just putting people off. Either way, try to control yourself because too flirty people may come across as a bit too desperate.
Most #2. answers: You know how to flirt and when is the right time for it. For you, flirting comes naturally and is a fun way of boosting your ego. Also, you know when to be careful - flirting too much with anyone can bring you a desperate fame and just put people off and you know exactly when to draw a line.
Most #3. answers: You either are missing the art of flirt or you just don't want to use it. At least not regularly. Maybe the reason is that you are in a relationship or not, either way, we respect everyone's wishes and choices in life. The most important thing is that you yourself are happy with the choice not to flirt. If you are not happy with it and would like to flirt, then just wait for the right day when you are feeling especially good and confident and just go for it. Practice makes perfect!