How redneck are you?

Answer honsetly, pick one answer for each question and count all the answer numbers

1. What kind of dog would you prefer?

1. A cute little chihuahua
2. Hunting dogs

2. Have you ever in your past taken alcohol to school? Are you planning to?

1. No
2. Yes

3. What of these sound like a great hobby?

1. Collecting football cards.
2. Collecting different bear cans.

4. Have you ever had a chance to flirt while being on a tractor?

1. Haha, no.
2. It has happened.

5. What does or would your garden look like?

1. Full of flowers
2. You know, peas, cabbages, carrots etc.

6. Is the price on the sugar gone up?

1. Not sure, I don't pay that much attention to sugar.
2. Oh, it goes up all the time!

7. What does your TV look like?

1. New plasma, of course.
2. One of those old ones. Can a radio also qualify?

8. What is your opinion about the one dollar/euro stores?

1. I guess it's good for some, but I prefer regular shops.
2. It's a Heaven for me!

9. Have you ever had burping or spitting contests with friends?

1. Ew...
2. Haha! It's really fun!

10. How often do you go for a clothes shopping?

1. Well, I guess once a month at least.
2. Buy clothes from shop? There are better and cheaper ways for that.

11. Have you ever used your broken refrigerator as a cupboard or any other such invention?

1. What?!
2. Very practical indeed!


Most #1. answers: Whether you live in a country or town, there is not a drop of redneck in your blood. You are everything a redneck usually is not - you feel joy out of shopping, tennis or gym and do not feel the urge to start growing carrots in your back yard or going to buy a pack of milk with your pajamas on.
Most #2. answers: Whether you live in a country or town, you are a redneck. You feel joy from things like spitting the furthest and drinking some strong stuff in the parties. But no worries! You are fun to be around with and with you no one never has to feel boredom.